The Libertarian Party of York County, PA (LPYorkPA) is a county affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA), which itself is a state affiliate of the national Libertarian Party (Libertarian National Committee, or LNC).

Mission and Purpose

  1. Our purpose is to promote libertarian principles, through political, social, cultural, and educational means, including the election of libertarians, within York County, PA, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  2. Our mission is to advance libertarian principles and facilitate the political and cultural movement to a voluntary society based on individual sovereignty; wherein, peaceful and voluntary exchange replaces coercion and force to achieve political and social goals.
  3. To that end, our mission includes activities such as:
    1. providing leadership and inspiration for the libertarian movement within both York, County PA, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
    2. delivering a principled and uncompromising libertarian message;
    3. nominating, promoting, and electing competent, qualified, and principled libertarian candidates for public office who will foster and influence libertarian ideals in public policy;
    4. advocating for public policy, including ordinance, regulation, and legislation that adhere to the libertarian ideology;
    5. supporting the abolition of political systems, including public organizations, ordinances, regulations, and legislation that violate individual sovereignty or voluntary society participant;
    6. promoting educational activities, public awareness, and political information based on libertarian philosophy;
    7. developing cooperative relationships with other Libertarian Party organizations, including county affiliates, to advance the goals of libertarianism; and
    8. fostering relationships with external organizations that share common goals in the pursuit of libertarian principles.

Business Meetings

The LPYorkPA meets on a monthly basis, and meetings are generally open to the public. We encourage those interested in getting involved with the Libertarian Party, the broader liberty movement, or local freedom-related activities to attend. Meetings are hosted in-person but are also available via online video conference.

When: Fourth Wednesday of each Month at 7:00 PM (Eastern)

Where: Freelance York (2782 S Queen St, Dallastown, PA 17313)

Board of Directors

The LPYorkPA is a member-run organization overseen by an Executive Committee (also referred to as the Board of Directors). Executive Committee members are elected by the membership to administer various organizational functions. The current officers are as follows:

Position Current Officer
Executive Chair Jacob Winograd
Executive Vice Chair Dave Womack
Executive Secretary Tim McMaster
Executive Treasurer Reed Pannell
Executive Representative Justin Wray


The LPYorkPA has both Standing and Working committees. The administration of a committee is managed by an elected committee chair. The current Standing committees and their respective officers are as follows:

Committee Description Current Chair
Executive Committee The Board of Directors for LPYorkPA, is responsible for the management of the organization, control of all organization properties and funds, oversight and execution of all organization affairs, and presiding over Business Meetings. Jacob Winograd
Membership Committee The Membership Committee is responsible for maintenance of the Member Records, implementation of privacy-centric access controls to Member Records, monitoring of member compliance with Membership Requirements, development and maintenance of a Membership Application, the leadership of membership recruitment efforts, collection and processing of Membership Applications, acceptance and processing of petitions for Membership Classification changes, keeping records of Membership Committee meetings, welcoming new members and assisting with the sustainment of existing membership at large. Nathan Wray
Outreach Committee The Outreach Committee is responsible for developing and delivering public messaging, communications, and outreach on LPYorkPA matters, planning and coordinating LPYorkPA events, managing public messaging, including internet-based profiles and sites, developing cooperative relationships with other Libertarian Party organizations, including county affiliates, fostering relationships with external organizations that share common goals to build and develop issue coalition initiatives, and building relationships with student organizations and educational institutions. Alec Conlon
Judicial Committee The Judicial Committee is responsible for serving as the final body of appeal in all matters concerning interpretations of the bylaws, acceptance and processing of petitions and appeals on LPYorkPA matters and motions, hosting hearings on valid appeals and petitions, hearing and ruling on valid Suspension Appeals, and to issue advisory opinions on questions of interpretations of the bylaws. Chris Lucas


The LPYorkPA is governed by the organizationally adopted bylaws. The current bylaws (adopted on April 20th, 2022) can be reviewed here: LPYorkPA - Bylaws -20220420 (PDF)